Are you a true poet?

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poetrydude99 said:
Oct 18 '15, 12:10PM

I got 100%

poetrydude99 said:
Oct 18 '15, 12:09PM

I got 100%

BhaskarSharma said:
Feb 27 '15, 9:30AM

I am 83% true poet,,,, yipeee.....

Moomonster said:
Jul 15 '10, 3:19PM

YAY 83%! I LOve poetry. I make acrostics into really good things!! Silently falling throughout the Night tumbling right Onto my tongue Withering at the warmth of it

PintoStorm said:
Jun 17 '10, 5:10PM

90%... thank you! (I'm gonna keep coming back for updates)

misskiss said:
Dec 14 '07, 4:39PM

81%! yay!

12cwatki said:
Dec 14 '07, 3:46PM

86% woo i'm the best

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