Are You A True Minecrafter?

There are many great minecrafters, but are you a true one? In this quiz you will find out if you really are. Plus Ender follers are people like me. Cause I'm EnderDragon.

Are you a true Minecrafter, hard to tell in this quiz. You will find out if you are the ultimate Minecrafter. With questions like how to gets heads.

Created by: ThePegasister
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1. How was the Creeper made?
It was a mistake while making the pig.
He just wanted something that blew up.
2. When was minecraft made?
2009, EASY
Uh, 1988
3. How is a charged creeper made?
Spawning rarely.
Lighting hitting it.
4. What sever out of these 3 severs does AmyLee33 play on?
Ant craft
Itsjerryandharry sever
5. Who is the most subscribed person who plays minecraft?
6. How do you summon heads?
/head (Username)
/give (Username) 397 1 3 {SkullOwner:"(username)"}
7. Who is SethBling?
A redsonest
He does cat videos
8. What snapshot are bunnies in?
Whats a snapshot?
9. Is Amylee33 part of the magical animal club?
10. Thanks for taking this!
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