Are you a Star Wars expert?

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DarthSidious said:
May 25 '16, 3:52PM

This quiz is bad, plus Darth Maul is from DATHOMIR.

Ariana9 said:
Sep 19 '14, 1:40AM

Darth Maul actually came from Dathomir.

PawPrint101 said:
Jun 30 '13, 10:16PM

I scored 60%. Im way better than that! This quiz sucks!!!!! I know way more about star wars than whoever made this crappy quiz! I hate this! >:(! MEGA ANGRY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topaz said:
Dec 22 '12, 12:15PM

My brother says that half of these fricken answers aren't right. He also says "What kind of quiz is this?!!!" (he doesn't have an account and can't comment by himself.)

timbeaux2 said:
Sep 16 '12, 2:53AM

Got 90%. Star Wars Lover

S542 said:
Apr 19 '11, 10:51PM

60%, I didn't know the ones from the books. Nice quiz!

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