Are you a snob or a slob?

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AnimeCat115 said:
Jul 18 '15, 7:33PM

Yes! Average! Im Normal! P.S don't listen to the repost tis coment stuff...

niajane said:
Feb 2 '15, 3:04AM

Im a snob....

Brightwing777 said:
Dec 26 '13, 5:34PM

Inaccurate quiz. Btw I chose all of the slob options and I got royal family XD

HalleysComet said:
Jun 26 '12, 8:01AM

Excuse me, but the royal family do NOT eat swans and are NOT inbred dumbloods. If you knew Will and Katie like I do, you would find that everyone in that family, including my Grandmere, are very considerate and compassionate people and represent my country well.

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