Are You a New Yorker?

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Hermione9989 said:
Jun 2 '16, 5:02PM

11% but i'm glad lived here for 2 years! moved from Georgia!!!!

andi_horan229 said:
Dec 9 '14, 8:10PM

I should know this crap! I live her for crying out loud!

ilovepuppyz said:
Jan 8 '14, 2:55AM

yall in new york gotta big head. and not der i aint from joyzee. yeh. dats how we rule in lousisana with DUCK DYNASTY, da mmos popula tv sho eva!!! suckaz- and wimps. yall scared of a spida. we ain even scared of a coyote. one ate my nayba's weenie dog. poor penny...

CutiePie22 said:
Nov 14 '12, 9:31PM

Well. This quiz must be trying to convince me that I HAVEN'T lived in Kinderhook NY forever. I honestly didn't like this. Here are a couple reasons:
1- whether you are using humor or not, construction isn't a season. They were just fixing a bridge near Albany that went till November.
2- I mostly look for construction cones when I am driving on the highway. There are few dear where I live.
I honestly did not know half of this, but a good percent of it is useless. Sorry.

DrCuteness101 said:
May 30 '12, 11:23AM

What???? I grew up in NYC and I moved but I still live in NY and im like 30 miniues to only one hour away and I get a 28%???? Worst quiz I took in my life, EVER!!!!!!!!!

phoebe0204 said:
Mar 26 '12, 8:03PM

I got 11%, and it says that the person knows who's a New JESERY resident! I am a New Jersey resident! Holy cow!

kittykit said:
Feb 19 '12, 3:20PM

I am from NY island (long island). I didn't know more than HALF of the things on this quiz! I don't even drive! Well thankz for NOT using the stereo type! :)

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