Are you a nerd? you know you are!

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Jazzy298 said:
Dec 31 '15, 12:59AM

NERDS SUCK!!!!!!!! I have 18% nerd in me!ALL THE IRONY!!!!!!
Believ e me I'm not. nerd!

UserNameA said:
Apr 29 '15, 3:22PM

57% Nerd. XD

SarahA said:
Feb 8 '13, 9:51PM

80% nerd. I don't need to socialize more. Says the person sitting on the computer taking quizzes and trying to figure out what type of math would be fun to do right now. Umm.... yeah. I should probably socialize a little itsy bit more but that would backfire, terribly.

puppals1 said:
Nov 24 '12, 9:05PM

i am a nerd, nerds unite! AND STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!

BraveKnight99 said:
Nov 3 '12, 7:39AM

93% Nerd and proud! Nerdfighter too! DFTBA

Ray Gao said:
Jul 11 '12, 6:40PM

I never got above 30 percent nerd, until this stupid quiz said 63 percent, which is wrong. I'm pretty bright, but that's all. I am kinda athletic

1800iluvpopcorn said:
Jun 12 '11, 6:07PM

47%! rrrrrrrrrrrr i'm not a nerd! idk ANYTHING!!!!

TheDev4sion said:
Jun 11 '11, 12:20PM

not more than 60 that suck im a big gaming nerd

Speedie said:
Aug 3 '10, 12:32AM


xxdarkxx said:
Jan 17 '09, 6:24PM

76 %! Go nerds!

hellogirl said:
Jan 15 '09, 8:25PM


SparklingFallenAngel said:
Jan 12 '09, 11:21PM

Uh oh.. 58% :o

Toni said:
Jan 12 '09, 7:30PM

66% Nooooooooo!
But I still love to read.

babiigirl28 said:
Jan 7 '09, 7:13PM

47% I'm not a nerd. I just get good grades.

Kuggle said:
Jan 7 '09, 10:48AM

Look just because I like video games dosen't mean I'm a nerd.

qweasdfzxcvb said:
Jan 6 '09, 10:14PM

52%! wow

Kuki said:
Jan 6 '09, 5:26PM

63% lol1

Blah089 said:
Jan 6 '09, 7:30AM

50% yesssssssss im half and half (yeah i no half n half is ssome old dumb show on tv)

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