Are you a Michiganian?

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There are many experts out there.... but are you one of the geologists? Who knows... You may become a Michiganian and choose between 2 diffrent places to live in- The Upper Penninsula and The Lower Penninsula.

Think you are an expert on California? How About Florida? Any idea on Rhode Island? Well here's a thought- Michigan. Become a geologist on Michigan by taking this simple quiz about Michigan and it's Elements.

Created by: ramich of rammich
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  1. What is Michigan's state fish?
  2. Michigan's State Bird..
  3. State flower..
  4. What's the state Tree?
  5. State Gemstone?
  6. State Abbreviation?
  7. What is Michigan's state Insect?
  8. What is the state motto?
  9. What is Michigan's Capital?
  10. State Nickname...

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Quiz topic: Am I a Michiganian?