Are you a kitten

Kittens, everyone loves a kitten. But perhaps you might be confused as to whether or not you're a kitten? Do people randomly say awwww and pick you up? Do you get shoved into old ladies chests a lot? Yes? Then mayb you're a kitten.

This quiz is created for anyone who has wondered whether they are a kitten or not. Perhaps you want to become a kitten, if so, take this quiz and you'll be one step closer.

Created by: The Geek
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1. Do you squeak when you walk?
Only on Tuesdays
This is a weird question
Maybe, I'm not sure
2. Are you fuzzy?
Not very
In some places
Only on my head
Not in the slightest
3. Do you look a bit cross eyed?
Only if I'm standing on my head
Yes, I'm so cross eyed I can see my brain
Your momma
4. Does your tail stick up in the air?
I wear trousers
My tail is too long
All the time
Only when I'm happy
5. Are you spikey and enjoy shredding peoples hands?
Not at all
Extremely spikey
Like a sponge
I'm secretly evil
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
6. Does everyone say "aaawwwwww" at you?
All the time
Gosh darn it yeah....
Sometimes, when I'm tired
Never, they usually scream
Only old people
7. Do you like to fall asleep in your food?
No, my food is lobsters
Fall asleep in your own food!
No, that would be dumb
Only when I'm drunk
It has been known, on occassion
8. Can you fit into a an empty ice pole box?
No, I'm more hippo shaped
When I breathe in
If I was cut in half
Can you?
9. Do you do poo's that smell like the devil?
Yes, I swear something died and then fell out
No, I smell of roses
It wasn't me
Maybe it was you
YES!!! I smell so bad when I poo, the paint peels off the wall.
Maybe, who's asking?
10. Do you enjoy string?
String? where?! I want it!!!!
No, string blows.
You suck
Yawn.... splutch

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