Are you a hopeless romantic?

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Love is like a rollercoaster. Before the ride really begins, you are nervous. Your heart pounds and your hands sweat. Then, there are twists, turns, up, down, left and right, but when it is all over, you can not wait to go on it again.

Do you fall in love too fast? Are you a total hopeless romantic? Find out by taking this quiz. I bet nobody even reads this paragraph. Hm.

Created by: nikki1234
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1. How many boys have you had a crush on in the past year?
Way too many to count.
2. If someone you did not like back asked you out, what would you do?
Say yes, but only so he doesn't feel bad.
Say no. If you don't like him, it's not worth it.
Say of course. Boys are boys, and you're up for anything.
Say yes, because he could be nice.
Say, "I'll get back to you on that," and walk away.
3. Do you know if anyone likes you?
Not that I know of, no.
Yeah, and I'm so happy about it!
Yes, but they're not cute.
No way.
I don't know...
4. Do you flirt a lot?
Yes, I twirl my hair and smile. A LOT.
I flirt, but not a lot.
Yeah, I tap them on the shoulder and giggle. I also text the person so much that I think they think that I am a stalker.
I don't know...
5. Do you like romantic movies?
I hate them. They're so sappy.
They're alright... but I'd rather watch Harry Potter.
I like them.
I don't know...
6. Where is your dream date?
A movie, maybe a walk in the park.
Dinner at my place.
A bike ride on a summer evening.
A romantic dinner at a fancy restaraunt.
I don't know...
7. How many boyfriends have you had in your life?
10 or more.
I don't know...
8. How many times have you been kissed?
I don't know/never been kissed
9. Do you act differently when a guy is around?
Yeah, I flirt a lot and laugh.
No, I am myself.
I sit up a little straighter, but other than that, no.
Yes, I look them in the eye and tell a lot of jokes and stories.
I don't know...
10. Describe your dream wedding.
A traditional gown, floral decorations, classical music and famcy food.
Modern, funky, and fashionable, black and white decorations, mostly bite sized appetizers for food.
Totally over the top, a long, flowing, expensive gown, a high end banquet, and a horse and carriage to carry you into the sunset.
Just a small gathering, nothing huge.
I don't know...
11. How about your dream honeymoon?
A beautiful resort in the Carribean.
Hiking in the mountains.
A road trip.
To your closest beach.
I don't know...
12. Do you think you are a hopeless romantic?
Of course.
Yeah, a little.
I don't know...

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