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poopoo12 said:
May 23 '16, 2:43PM

you succ my diccc so thicc

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 30 '15, 4:20AM

2% hippie that's too much hippieness

Friendslover said:
Mar 6 '15, 11:35PM

I don't smoke. I am spiritual I love skateboard and roller bases I like bicycles and I love animal companions.

Riona9000 said:
Feb 10 '15, 8:10PM

80% which I was fairly certain of anyways! But a bit of a suggestion, if I may. More options in the questions, or at least more options to select "other". For instance, in the question as to where you live, I didn't know quite which one to select because I don't fall under any of the options. I live in a tent on the river, and have been for 2 years (strictly by choice for the past year and a half, not by choice at first). But adding more options to select different answers might yield better, or more closely accurate results for some. Thanks! I did enjoy the quiz! Much fun!

Totally ZR1 said:
Dec 13 '14, 11:43PM

A big fat ZERO! HELL YEAH! In the words of the awesome Jeremy Clarkson: "I am aware of the enviorment; I just don' care." And no,I do not believe in global warming. And hippies are usually gay anyway,and I am totally straight.

sgalex566 said:
Aug 24 '14, 12:00AM

I got 72%. Doesn't really surprise me... I like psychedelic music, play guitar, used to smoke a lot of weed and take acid...
But now drive a normal car, live in a house in the 'burbs and have a "straight" job.
Another 18% life change required, I think... ;)

slavetoraves said:
Apr 18 '14, 2:04PM

76% ahhhh, lovely.

TaliaBEth1234 said:
Jul 26 '13, 9:55PM

You're not in the lowest bracket of non-hippie-hood, but you're close. I advise a field trip to a food co-op or a farmer's market. Do a few interviews and take notes, because there will be a quiz next week to see if you've learned anything.

@anyon e who thinks it's ok to WEAR animal fur: You guys need to watch a video about slaughter houses. A real docuementary not a hooror film. Ugh.
And back to my results: the vegetarian question is on the fence for me, I tried but SOMEBODY{*cough brother *cough) wouldn't tolerate it so I just gave up. As for politics: I'm so confused about the government so I just forget it. I mean who CARES?
@hippo-chic k: Nice. I recommend this really good book by Gordan Korman: it's called "Schooled." it's about a hippie who has to start going to a real school and is elected president of 8th grade(ironic, much?) which is a huge insult. Great book and maybe it'll get more people to care about the enviorment{my best friend was a bird so.....this is where we are.}

@fvv: Plese tell me you're JOKING. Hippies are people who care about the ENVIORMENT. Not people who smoke{bad for you, others, animals, and our atmosphere.} So quit it with whatever that word you used meant.

wolvesrule65318 said:
Jul 7 '13, 3:47AM

I am 43% hippie. So I am leaning to not a hippie, but am not afraid to try some hippie philosophies. Er something like that

S542 said:
Nov 29 '12, 6:07PM

0%, and NO, I don't believe in global warming. I enjoy eating and wearing dead animals, too.

yamnoham said:
Jul 4 '12, 5:35PM

76 :) go me had to put yoga as hula hooping wasnt on there...

scwiederin said:
Jun 18 '12, 6:30PM

63 percent haha i thought it be worse but im to poor for the morals of a hippie GO WALMART!

meow123 said:
Jun 14 '12, 9:03AM

34%, I put other on job, when I work at a military base, I put shared living arrangment as my home when I live in a barracks. I think my number is artificially raised.

S542 said:
Jun 4 '12, 11:44PM

Yes, only 3%, and that's what I am- Not a hippie!

MiSs_CrImInAl said:
May 21 '12, 3:42PM

Could the question in itself be that a stereotype is only believed to people with a closed mind?...saying that, I've just taken this quiz. :)

pamm said:
Apr 13 '12, 7:07PM

Whatever Dude! Hippie Love always! I am a free spirit and love what it's all about! Peace Love &I Rock n Roll!

ruby62 said:
Jan 3 '12, 8:42PM


edodeweert said:
Jul 29 '11, 1:42PM

What???no question about waterbeds???

S542 said:
Jul 4 '11, 2:28PM

0% hippie lol are you a hippie?

leksu said:
Apr 8 '11, 6:29PM

0% hippie...Well, it is true, I am really very conservative and I hate hippies.

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