Are You A Good Flirt?

~~~Throughout the ages, the art of conversing with the opposite sex has been known as flirting. This is a very important skill to have in life. Are YOU a good flirt?~~~

~~~Have you mastered the art form known as flirting? Does the opposite sex fall in love with you easily? Find out now with this fast and fun quiz!~~~

Created by: Bella
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3. You're sitting in science class when you notice the cute new guy is sitting all by himself. What do you do?
Ignore him and blush furiously when he so much as glances at your side of the room.
Introduce yourself and offer to be his lab partner.
Walk over, sit on his lap and say, "I think you and I have amaazzzing chemistry..."
4. You're walking down the hallway when your crush walks by. He gives you THE NOD. How do you respond?
Look down. He probably wasn't nodding at me anyway.
Give him a dazzling smile and let your gaze linger for a moment longer than necessary.
Jump him.
5. What do you do when you go to a party?
Scan the room for any possible hotties and dance with every single one of them before dawn.
Hang with your friends and maybe work up the nerve to stike up a conversation with that guy by the keg.
Parties? Um I prefer to stay at my own house on weekends.
6. Spring time is here, which means Prom is right around the corner! How do you plan on securing a date?
I'll be extra friendly to my best guy friend and hope he gets the hint.
Date? Like, with a boy? I don't talk to boys.
I ask every guy I know until one of them says yes.
7. Sale at the mall! Time for a shopping spree! What do you buy?
A cute new pair of jeans and a tank top. That sexy dress you tried on looked good on you, but no way would you walk out in public like that!
I don't wear clothes if I can avoid it. I hit up Victoria's Secret!
I don't shop at malls. I just wear my brother's old hand-me-down t-shirts so no one will notice that I have a figure.
8. Look! It's a boy!
Ooo, is he hott?
Oh, him. Been there, done that.
9. How many boyfriends have you had?
Too many to count.
Do imaginary friends count?
I've had my share.
10. You're at the movies and the show is sold out. You end up sitting next to a random stranger...who just so happens to be a cute guy. How do you interact with him?
Why am I even at the movie theater? There are too many people there.
Lift the arm rest up and whisper in his ear.
Ask him how he likes the movie.
11. You are a member of the National Math Honor Society and always receive high grades. Your crush is in your AP Calc class, though...and he gives tutoring after school...what do you do?
Nothing. You don't need his help.
Play dumb, of course! Ask him for a private session after school.
Ask him if you can help tutor other people with him. You won't get to spend as much one-on-one time with him, but at least you're staying true to yourself.
12. It's the first day of school. You leave your backpack by your seat, but realize you forgot a book in your locker. When you get back to the classroom, your crush is standing right by your seat! He casually asks, "Oh, are you sitting here?" What is your response?
Smile and touch his arm as you joke, "Oh my gosh! You're such a seat stealer!" then offer him the seat next to you.
Freeze up and try not to let your face turn the color of a firetruck as you stutter, "um...y-yes.."
"Well, I was...but there's room for us to share if I sit on your lap!"

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