Are you a die-hard twilight fan?

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cenuefe said:
Jul 10 '12, 4:24PM

i like twilight i read twilight books i am a fan of peter and i am on a team carlisle and my mom likes twilight her favorite is jasper and emmett and charlie and taylor my sister likes twilight she had the books about it and harry potter she had all the posters of it her favorite is edward and bella i told them aaron is looks like edward and my sister is bella they are marryed

awesomecuziam said:
May 12 '12, 10:21PM

lol me used to love twilight but i'm in my anime+manga=otaku stage right now. I just realized twilight's too lovey. But it's okay....

Cad Bane said:
Oct 15 '09, 11:12PM

Twilight sucks

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