Are you a bad @$$

Do you think your a bad @$$? We think you are nothing more then a geek that surfs the Internet everyday, all day. Do you have what it takes to rip a man's kidneys out with your bare hands? Lets find out.....

There can be many forms of bad. Such as bad food, bad boy or BAD @$$. Do you have what it takes to help an old lady or just kick her in the face? What cloths do you wear? What car do you drive? Take the quiz and find out.

Created by: Brett
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. A guy cuts you off at your childs daycare. What do you do?
Go to the corner and cry with the other children.
Clench your fist but do nothing
Say " Excuss me, you cut me off"
Tap him on the shoulder and say "Heh"
Punch him in the back of the head
Tap him on the shoulder and rip his kidneys out and kick his kid in the face.
4. What car would you buy.
Pink tricycle with full protective safety gear
A hybrid
Minivan becasue your wife told you too.
A pickup truck
Steal some one elses.
5. Mom tells you to clean your room. What do you do?
Spend 6 hours doing it so you can see yourself in the bed frame
Do it and don't complain
Pretend to do it but watch T.V. instead.
Tell your Mom "NO"
Tell you Mom "No and that she should do it instead"
Look at your Mom, grab a spoon and cut her heart out.
6. When some one says " As easy as taking candy from a baby" What do you think of?
Awwwww what a cute baby
Candy mmmmmmmmmmm
That an OLD saying
Tell the old man that no one uses that anymore.
Kick the Old guy in the balls.
Tell the old man that if you ever see that happen, you take the lolipop and stick it in the baby eye...............................then kill the old man with his own walker.
7. You see a hot chick at the bar. what do you do?
go and cry beacuse you can't do nothing.
Go jump off a cliff because you will never get her.
Go up to her and use a crap pick up line.
go up and be nice to her.
Go up and say "Damn" then act like a jerk
Ingore her because you already have 20 chicks on you.
8. When a child starts to cry, what do you do?
Cry along side him because you understand that the world is a place of suffering and pain.
Try to make the child happy.
Ask the child whats wrong.
Ingore the child
Smack the child up side the head and tell him "shut up you dumb little midget"
Walk up to the child and rip out his vocal cords with your toes.
9. An old lady is being mugged for her purse. What do you do?
Run away hoping your purse willn't get mugged too.
Ingore it.
Ask the mugger to give the purse back to the lady.
Beat the mugger up and give the purse back to the lady.
Kick the old lady's walkerout from under her and tell the mugger he doing a great job.
Pop a cap in both them and take the purse and the mugger's wallet and yell out "And let that be a lesson to all you, this is my area"
10. What cloths do you were?
What ever your mom puts out for you te night before.
Glasses, dress shirt and overalls
T-shirt and shorts
Jeans and a long sleeve shirt
Jeans, hoody and maybe a big fur coat.
A straight jacket
11. What would you think is the perfect gift to give some one?
A cute and cuddly stuff animal
A puppy
Some chocolate and flowers
Concert tickets
A new .357 magnum
The old lady's walker
12. When in a friend's washroom and draining your main vane what do you do?
What's your "main vane"?
Turn the tap on so no one hears you.
Suck it up and hold it till you go home.
Go to the washroom. There nothing wrong with it,it's natural.
Take a piss in your friends mouth wash and put the lid back on.
Write a threatening message in the wall because your so bad @$$ that you piss acid.
13. Do you think your a bad @$$?
No my @$$ is fine.
To some limit.
Yeah you want me to pop a cap in you right now?
What do you think? I'll come over there right now and rip your heart out of your chest with your girlfriend severed hand.

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