Are U Smarter Than A 4th Grader?

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Coolkitcat said:
Oct 13 '14, 5:03PM

This is just sad I'm an 7 th grade at a private Christian school and we Are the 10 the best in the us

SunnyDay said:
Oct 14 '12, 4:31PM

I got 60% and I'm in username lies 0.0

ImYouNYouAreMe said:
Apr 12 '12, 7:14PM

I'm in 6th grade and I got 70% =(

Emmersreturns said:
Apr 18 '11, 10:28AM

i'm a 5th grader and i got 90%. when i took the quiz are u smarter than a fifth grader, i got 90% as well. hm........

Mreenav said:
Apr 3 '10, 9:39AM

@sorentheowl i got the same as you

HappyHaley11 said:
Mar 16 '10, 12:10AM

Totaly Weird. I am a 6th Grader. Got smarter than smarter that a 6th grader but not a forth grader. Don't get it!?

sorentheowl said:
Dec 1 '09, 8:04PM

that's weird...i was smarter than a fifth grader but not a fourth grader...huh....

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