Are u a Famous Star Quality

Many people are famous today but there are other people that could be just as cool, and good looking, and I would like to see those people. Because don't you wonder what things that you are able to do? Becuase you could find out one thing if you take this quizz.

So if you're wondering if you could be a star and if you have what it takes to be one, take this quiz. And you could see for yourself. Because you'll never know and less you take this quizz, so come can do it! Becuause real super stars try new things, so you can too!

Created by: Crystal
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do u like to where everyday.
All i need to do is wear something that is cumfy
omg! i have to have to get on my makeup and always have to where a cute outfit! Where ever i go!
I don't care about about my looks.
Depends on what the occasion is.
i don't know, my mommy picks out what i wear.
I just wear what other people are wearing.
4. Which one madders most to you?
My education comes fisrt before everything!
Impressing all the hott girls/guys... Duh!
Omg... like totally my nails and outfits have to match all the time!
music and my friends.
don't let anybody notice me! Hide!!!
I have to help the enviortment.
5. Ur best friend is starting to like the guy/girl you've been liking and is hanging out with them alot, what would you do?
ask him out before things get to far with them.
get mad at your friend and never talk to him again.
Tell the boy some things embaracing aobut the friend and flirt with him until he asks you out.
wish them luck and move them on to another man.
let them go out and try to make ur friend by going out with their x
go emo over it and cut yourself.
6. You lose ur singing contest, and ur worst enemy won, what would u do.
congradulate them and accept they were better than u.
steal the trophee and tell ur friends that u won.
Spread rumors about ur enemy to the magezine crew.
just show the person up at the next contest.
Spill coffee all over their outfit.
hide, u r ashamed u lost
7. U just won 10 thousand dollars, what is the first thing u do with it.
Donate it to charity.
Spend it all on clothes!
Get a donkey.
Go on a cruise.
Save it up for something better.
Give it to your friends.
8. What is the best thing u would like about a singing contest.
Winning, it makes me look good.
just having fun!
the money! hello!
Practicing my voice.
Getting to hear other people's voices.
Getting to show off my out fits in all the contests.
9. What do u do when you need something or want something and u r really tired and don't want to get up.
I would get up and go get it myself.
I would hire a servent and have them go get it for me.
If nobody would get me it then i would just forget it.
10. If you were at an expensive restraunt and they only got one thing wrong on your order what would you do.
yell at the waitress and leave to a better place that will get your order right.
Politley tell the waitress and have them redo it.
Just handle it and eat it anyways.
11. Somebody accidently spilled a drop of soda on your favorite shirt...what would you do?
Just lick it off.
Slap the person and go change into another shirt
Not worry about it and act like you didn't notice.
Start Crying and run away.
12. You are shopping and then you see a homeless person walk by and drop some of their only money, what do u do?
Run up to them and hand it back.
Pick it up and run before they notice.
Just leave it because you've got enough money anyways

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