aliens (aliens 1 2 3 4 movie)

would you suvive against a ultimate species. would you be too sorry for others and die at their side. would you be the only survivor. would you be the ultimate being.

you could or might not survive after all these creatures have no mercy no boundries and they are faster then a car. if a hundred men went in 2 might make it out.

Created by: pratorian
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1. what equitment would you chose
pulse rifle
2. if you were in a confined dark room with a warrior and had 3 bullets in a pistol what would you do
shoot randomly
follow the noises and shoot
shoot two randomly then take a bullet to the brain
wait till it is very close then shoot at it
3. if 6 of them were following you in a hallway and you had 60 pulse rifle bullets what would you do
run and shoot
crouch in a cornor and shoot
bullet to the brain
just run
shoot them when there far away
or shoot them close up
4. you and three men are walking down a hall when somthing comes up in your radar but you cant see it. you think its a survivour but it could be an alien. what would you do
send one of your men to check it out
shoot at it
wait till it comes close enough to see it
run and check who it is
5. you and your squad is being attacked by aliens. you can getaway but your squad will die along with a few survivours and your mother. would you run
no id stay and die with them
screw them id run
6. you find your father but he is infected. you could shoot him or try save him. what would you do
shoot him
try save him
see how things go
die with him
7. your running down a hall and you see two children. they would slow you down but would you bring them?
yes i would use them to slow down aliens when they attacked
id shoot them
8. you are gaurding a scientist who wants to try train the aliens. do you allow it.
no way they'ed tear me up
9. you meet an alien that seems tame. would you shoot it.
id make it with me
10. you meet the queen but you see six survivours on the wall do you kill the queen along with the survivours or save the survivours and go
kill the queen
save the people
kill the people and leave the queen

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