A Good Gender Test

This quiz is meant to be a better help in the path to self-discovery and acceptance of others in regards to gender. Please enjoy. and remember it's all in fun. None of the results should be considered a scientific certainty / diagnosis.

What Gender are You? Are you a Girly Girl? Macho Macho Man? Agender? Gender-neutral? Something strange and awesome? This quiz will tell you and let you have fun along the way. Take it once, for fun, then take it as many times as you can to get all the different answers possible. Be Unique, be you, and remember, no matter what gender, we all live this life together.

Created by: Jai
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Those first 2 couldn't be taken off the sheet, but they wont count. Here the first real question: A friend wants to hang out. What are you most likely to suggest?
Let's go hang out at the Mall, because its just got a lot you can do and see there.
Lets go outside, and enjoy the air. Maybe will play a sport or go for a run.
Don't really care. Just wanna hang with my friend.
Lets go find something crazy and fun to do, so we can make memories
I think what ever we do is fine, so long as we're having fun
4. If you could be called by any name you wanted, what would it be?
A manly name. Like Paul or George. Maybe something Cool too, like Axel.
a name that's feminine! That defines me well too
I'm not sure. "Hey you" could work as well as a name, but I dont mind my birth name. or any name is good. just be consistent.
I think I'd want people to use my nickname. its less obvious what my birth gender is that way.
I want called by the name i give myself. sorry mom and dad, but i think this name works better for who i am in the inside
5. A doctor tells you that no one will ever call you anything but Mr. What's your reaction?
Well, i guess society is going to call me Mr. now. Oh well
My god! Kill me! I'm definitely a Ms. or a Mrs. thank you very much!
Umm? Wait? Where's the bad news? That what i wanted in the first place
Nope. I'm me, and i dont care what people say. still not a dude... no offense to dudes xD
Umm... i guess i could work with it. I can still call myself whatever i want. and I'll still look like me. Right?
Umm why is this question in this quiz? this wouldnt ever happen irl...
6. You wake up from a coma. The nurse who is in the room looks feminine, but informs you that people have voted while you were unconscious to abolish that idea of gender entirely. Everyone is referred to by name only. What is your reaction to this new world change?
finally. People got smart while i was comatose.
But I am still a female.
But I'm still a dude.
Nobody is a dude? alright! not stoked perse, but hey, I bet i wont get weird looks for how i dress now :3
umm. but gender is an important construct. its part of how we identify ourselves...
7. Which of these sounds like you?
I'm mighty! I'm strong! I'm also nurturing and kind, but thats underneath this powerful exterior.
I'm outgoing and emotional. I can tell when people are feeling down, and I am there for my friends. but be careful, I've got a sharp wit, and a nasty bite!
I'm tired of people looking to my body to define my traits. My mind and my words are who I am, not my body. The bodt is only a shell that holds who I really am.
I'm not afraid to be emotional, but I'm also not afraid to get my hands dirty. I am often confused myself of where i stand on gender. I sit somewhere between the usual two extremes. i try to be balanced in my expression.
I am not bound down by society. My actions are my own, and my body is a tool for me to express myself to others. it is also my temple, where I figure out who and what I want to be and what I want from life.
I want a Hamburger right about now...
8. Time for your morning routine.
like the Beetles song. "Got up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head!" im simple. it doesnt matter what I wear really.
Get up, greet the morning, and then spend the next few minute wondering what to wear. shower, get dressed, get done up all pretty, and then I'm ready to face the day!
Wake up and shower, get dressed, get out to get things done
I dread waking up. Not because I hate mornings, but because each day is a struggle for my gender identity as a person.
9. A person calls you by the wrong pronouns( in example: Calls you a she when you see yourself as male or vise versa) how does it make you feel.
Horrible. Cant they tell I'm a girl?
Dude, what's your problem? I'm a man.
eh. its annoying but I dont care about being misgendered all that much
Great. I'm having a hard enough time making myself not feel confused. Now that person has made me feel worse. I'd correct them right away.
Grr! I'm so mad that I'd probably launch into a huge explaination on gender and gender identity.
umm, isnt gender just male or female? and isnt usually obvious?
10. What is the point of gender?
its a social construct designed to help us differentiate certain aspects of personality by a purely social point. it bears no actual point to people as people
it's a way to tell people apart. Like I'm a girl, and my best friend is something else.
its how you can tell the men from the women from the other people. I'm a guy, so i fall under being male.
i struggle with that, since i identify with a lot of things from many genders... what is it there for? who can say really?
It's a preconceived notion people have about esch other. i dont fit in those notions, and think we should just break through them and be ourselves
11. What fear describes you best?
that i wont be able to ever be recognized as the unique person I am.
That I'll never be taken seriously, because I'm effeminate
that I'll be recognized for the gentler part of me. Im not just brawn and brutishness
that I'll never know who i really am...
that people will forever see me as gendered
that this quiz wont ever end...
12. Which of these do you think you are?
Agendered/not prescribing to gender
Gender Neutral/ Androgynous
Gender Fluid/ Third Gender/ Gender Non-Conforming
Tired of this quiz already. Give me the results!

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