A bunch of random stuff that makes NO sense!

First off, the results were made when I wanted this to be random. The results have nothing to do with the questions, y'know? Just try to enjoy the stories presented.

So, as mentioned in the paragraph above, there are stories in the quiz. They have a situation that has many answer options. Please be truthful. The situations are unlikely. VERY unlikely. Please enjoy!

Created by: Selena112
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3. Coke or Pepsi?
4. Lord Voldemort's pointing his wand at you right now! He's gonna kill you! What do you do?
Fight! I can win or die trying!
Fall to his feet chanting, "Master, Master, how may I serve you?"
Give him egg nog, then run for your life!
Poke him with a stick.
Pretend you're a magic chicken, flapping your arms like a pyscho! (or however you spell it)
5. He laughs at your pathetic attempt to defeat him or at your pathetic panicking. What do you do now?
Last resort magic. ADAVA KADAVRA!!!!
Continue poking him with a stick.
I told you! I'm on his side!
Wet yourself. (me: eww...)
Show him your mad dancing skills, hoping he'll spare you.
6. All of the sudden, you see Harry Potter coming up behind Voldemort. He puts his finger to his lips, signaling you to be quiet. You...
Quickly look back at Voldemort, terror in your eyes, but with hope in your heart.
Squeal! You've always wanted to meet Harry!
Help Voldemort kill Harry.
You still are poking him with a stick.
Remain silent.
7. Harry killed Voldemort! You...
Thank Harry, hugging him and not wanting to let go.
Kiss Harry.
Sob for Voldemort. Then kill Harry.
Throw a fit! You could've defeated Voldemort! (me: good luck with that.)
Stop saying his name! Call him He-who-must-not-be-named!
Poke Harry with a stick.
8. Ponies make you...
I love ponies!
9. You are walking down a school hallway and you drop your textbooks, pencils, pens, etc. Your class leaves you behind. You...
Get back at your friend later for ditching you.
Cry! You're new here and don't know the hallways!
Worry about being late at class.
Pick on younger students.
10. Hurrying to join your class, you pass an empty classroom. You hear an angry teacher and a nervous student in there. You think the teacher's just angry about homework, but when you listen, it sounds bad. You...
Continue. It's not your business.
Ha! Hilarious! You gotta listen!
Worry for the student.
Peek in the classroom.
11. You see your History teacher talking to a younger student. The student looks terrified. The teacher on the other hand, looks like he's about to bite the student's head off. That's only a figure of speech, or is it? The teacher seems to be growing into a monster. He sees you and orders you in. Now you and the student are in trouble. You..
Shove the student at the teacher and run for your life!
Defend the student.
Defend yourself.
Pull out your wand. Those few years at Hogwarts can come in handy!
Sob. This is hopeless!
12. The teacher moves forward. You...
Are already running down the hall!
Attack the teacher, while guarding the student.
Attack the teacher to defend yourself.
13. The student seems to know something! He rushes out from behind you.! You...
You aren't even there!
Scream, "Stay behind me!" at the student.
Laugh. That student's gonna die!
Rush to the student and shout "Protego!" Or does that only work for spells?
14. The student pulls open the blinds. The teacher screams and is dying. You...
Hug the student.
You're shocked! That student was gonna die for sure!
Buy him a wand and teach him every spell you know, hoping he can perform them.
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