Which NARUTO character are you!?

This will determine which ninja you are most like... Is it Naruto, Sasuke, maybe even Sakura... you'll never know until you take the quiz! GOOD LUCK! And have fun!

Do you have anything in common with your favourite ninja??? Find out now by taking this test! You could be a great ninja, but don't know it!!! Good Luck!

Created by: Sarah of this site
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Being a ninja, what is your goal?
I want to prove myself to everyone who didn't believe in me!
I wish to avenge my clan...
I want a certain someone to know i exist!...
My goal???...I never really thought about that...hmmm...
Who cares! I've got better things to worry about!
4. You have dozzed off in class again! Your teacher catches you doing this and asks if you know what they were teaching you. What do you say?...
Of corse i know! I know all!
I'm really sorry please dont expell me!
(mudder)...how can i pay attention...it's so boring!....
5. You and your team-mates are on your way to do some training and see a ramen stall on your way. What do you do???
Pass by without looking back...I have no time to eat i need to train!
Uhhhh...guys??...can we please stop for just a second to eat????please????
Do you guys wanna get a bite to eat first???
Ewww ramen??? I hate Ramen!!!!
Whats ramen?????..................
6. If Gaara was your opponent in battle, what would you say to him?
uhhh...*shiver*... please dont kill me!...
This'll be fun!
(silence)..........you wait fro him to make the first move...
Can i run way now!!!!!!??????.....
You're no match for me!!! Humf
7. How would you describe yourself?
Um i'm gentle hearted...
I'm very shy...."blush"....
Dunno...Who cares....
Strong and powerful!....
Very atractive and good looking! "wink"
I'm brave enough to attempt to become Hokage!
8. Who would you like to be your opponent in battle the most???
uhhh... anyone as long as they're not to strong
Why should I care?
Definately not the sand guy!
Some one as strong as me...i've been dying to have a good battle!
9. Wat do you like to do in your spare time???
Read a book"heh"...
Play jokes on people! Its hilarious!
Anything but sit around the house!
Train of corse!
Um... admire from afar...
10. Which weapon do you prefer?
Shurikun! and Kunai!
sexy no jutsu of corse!
My byakugan!
My dog...Akamaru
Mind control all the way!
Shadow possesion!
11. Which village do you like best???
Village hidden in the leaves!
Sand is so cool!
Village hidden in the mist i guess...
Sound ninja rock!
Any village is cool with me...
12. Japanese doesn't transulate litterally into English. If you could choose any of these names which would it be?
Fishcake Whirlpool...
Named after Sarutobi...
Cherryblossom Springfield...
Fang dog mound...
Sunny Place...

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