Multiple Choice and Letter Writing

How can a love letter from a soldier be so complex? Good writing can create an effect that will continue on long after the writer has gone. Sullivan Ballou's letter to his wife, Sarah, is both touching and thoughtful at multiple levels.

After reading the letter on the link provided on my website, answer the following questions to see how well you can analyze letters in relationship to our class. I'd advise that you print out the letter first so you can mark it up as you go along.

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1. The speaker's major conflict in the letter is between which of the following?
God and His existence
his family and country
fighting or deserting
writing to his wife or worrying her
returning to earth or remaining in heaven
2. The phrase, "the banner of my purpose" is an example of
3. Which of the following is NOT an example of figurative language?
"bitter fruit"
"banner of my purpose"
"mighty cables"
"precious little freight"
"throbbing temple"
4. In which paragraph does the speaker MOST openly show the difficulty he has having in parting his family?
5. The material in the first three paragraphs reveal all of the following EXCEPT
a fatalistic idea
a politcal conviction
a bitter resentment
a divided allgiance
a fervent fellowship
6. The thing that arguably troubles the speaker MOST about his imminent death is the
unpredictable moment of its arrival
spector of his orphaned children
insufficient opportunity to reconcile himself with the Creator
acute sense of deprivation that overwhelms him
unjust nature of his personl sacrifice
7. In writing this last letter to his wife, the speacker never attempts to
explain his patriotic conviction
express to her the everlasting nature of his love
apologize for his foibles and failures
blame the government for his predicament
aver his unshakable belief in an afterlife
8. Ultimately, the speaker's internal conflict
pits him against his wife
incites him against the government
mirrors the civil conflict without
drives him to despondency
compels him to contemplate suicide
9. It may be argued that paragraph sevn is stylistically weakened by all the following EXCEPT
hackneyed antitheses
speculative reasoning
melodramatic redundancy
mixed metaphor
pathetic fallacy
10. In paragraph three, the nature of the speaker's personal quandry is stylistically abetted by which of the following? I. A central rhetorical question II. Two highly appropriate figures of speech III. An apologetic tone
I only
III only
I and II
II and III
I, II, and III

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