do you know summer belongs to you phineas and ferb

lots of people love phineas and ferb even me did you see the specail summer belongs to you if you think you know it and all that try this quiz!!!!!!!!

i love phineas and ferb as much as the next guy, but do you? well well see after you take this quiz try it out for kicks unless you havent seen the movie

Created by: sabrina

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  1. what is the first song in the movie?
  2. who does ferb hire as a stunt singer?
  3. What does phineas say after vanessa lands on the plane?
  4. why is vanessa mad at her dad
  5. do they make it back in time??
  6. whos uncle owns a rubber factory?
  7. why does candace come with?
  8. who kisses aat the end?
  9. what does the plane run on?
  10. what does the tarp over top of the plane look like

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Quiz topic: do I know summer belongs to you phineas and ferb