10th and 9th Kup quiz

This is the 10th and 9th kup quiz for the Taekwon Do students of the North East Martial Arts Academy. The first 10 questions are based on the 10th kup syllabus and next 10 are based on the 9th kup syllabus. 8th Kups and above should get 100%

All these questions are multiple choice, think carefully because there are a few trick ones in there. At the end you'll be given a percentage to see how you did. Good Luck and 'Taekwon'

Created by: NEMA of North East Martial Arts
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1. Who was the founder of Taekwon Do?
Master Pablo Trajtenberg
Master Tran Trieu Quan
Master Orello Ellis
Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi
2. How many moves are in Saju Makgi?
3. What does Saju Jirugi mean?
4 direction punch
4 directional block
4 directional strike
4 directional kick
4. Which of these statements about walking stance is FALSE?
It is called gunnan sogi
It is 1.5 shoulder widths long
The back foot points 15 degrees out
The weight distribution is 50% - 50%
5. Taekwon Do was officially named on...
Novemeber 16th 1956
April 11th 1955
July 16th 1956
August 11th 1955
6. The International Taekwon Do Federation was formed on...
April 11th 1955
October 7th 1987
October 3rd 1959
March 22nd 1966
7. White belts signifies...
The earth from which a plant sprouts
Imperviousness to darkness and fear
8. The 3rd move in Saju Magki is...
Gunnan sogi sonkal najunde magki
Gunnan sogi bakat palmok najunde magki
Gunnan sogi an palmok kaunde magki
Gunnan sogi ap joomuk kaunde jirugi
9. The 2nd move in Saju Makgi is...
Gunnan sogi ap joomuk kaunde jirugi
Gunnan sogi sonkal najunde magki
Gunnan sogi an palmok kaunde magki
Gunnan sogi bakat palmok najunde magki
10. The 4th tenet of Taekwon Do is...
Self-Control (In Nae)
Perseverance (Guk Gi)
Self-Control (Guk Gi)
Perseverance (Yom Chi)
11. Which is FALSE?
Chon Ji has 2 similar parts
Chon Ji is a lake in Korea
Chon Ji means literally the heaven and the earth
Chon Ji contains Annun Sogi
12. Which is FALSE about L-Stance?
70% of the weight is on the back leg
A left L Stance has the left leg in front
Both sets of toes point 15 degrees inward
It is called Niunja Sogi
13. Yellow belt signifies....
The earth from which a plant sprouts
A plants growth
The heaven towards which a plant grows
14. What is the 3rd line of the Taekwon Do Oath?
I shall never misuse Taekwon Do
I shall respect my instructors and seniors
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
I shall observe the tenets of Taekwon Do
15. Chon Ji has how many moves?
16. Both blocks in Chon ji are...
Inward blocks
Middle blocks
Outward blocks
Outer forearm blocks
17. The part of your hand you punch with is called forefist, in terminology this is...
Ap kumchi
Ap joomuk
An palmok
Ap chagi
18. Front rising kick is performed...
With a straight leg
With the knee bent
In a circular motion
Followed by a guarding block
19. The 9th move in Cho Ji is...
Gunnan sogi bakat palmok najunde magki
Gunnan sogi sonkal najunde magki
Annun sogi ap joomuk kaunde jirugi
Niunja sogi an palmok kaunde magki
20. What is double punch in terminology
Baro jirugi
Tul Jirugi
Doo jirugi
Bandae jirugi

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