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  • Your weight in 6 months!
    Your Result: Regular weight 87%

    You will be at a regular weight in 6 months! If you are losing weight, CONGRATULATIONS! You'll reach what most people want to achieve! Reward yourself with a candy bar, because they're tasty. Yum. And if you are already a regular weight, well congrats on maintaining that weight! Most people have trouble with that :P

    77% Skinny/Buff 87%
    59% Pudgy/Curvy 87%
    26% Chubby 87%
    7% Fat 87%
    0% Obese

    I'm very very skinny idk how or why! But when I suck my belly in a tiny bit you can see my ribs. And also I'm so skinny I can make holes in my shoulders. I can also make wings pop out of my back. (Not real wings just triangles coming out)

  • ┬íTu peso en 6 meses!
    Su resultado: regordete / curvilneo 92%

    ¡Sers regordete en 6 meses! En mi opinin, dira que este es el peso PERFECTO. Sers suave, blandito y habr ms para amar. Las chicas probablemente sacan la mayor ventaja de esto. Se entenderan a s mismos: P

    74% Peso regular
    69% Regordete
    50% gordo
    43% Flaco / Buff
    19% Obeso.
    Pero que era la pregunta 22b?????


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