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  • I'll comment like you said:

    Portishead: I could live without it, but not bad.

    Mindless Self Indulgence: Some of their stuff is okay. Their bassist is married to Gerard Way, so I like that.

    Yadnus: Eh.

    Florence & Machine: I used to like them more than I did now.

    Alien Ant Farm: Yummy!

  • This quiz was not very well put together. Why didn't you put an option for Country fans on every question. Country is a genre of music too you know, Plus, I don't even know why I took a quiz which is based on the opinion of SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW. If you don't know me, don't question my taste in music. I listen to what I feel has meaning, not what is "popular."

    elf maiden
  • Hah, jealous person made this quiz cos they can't get a girlfriend. Ya know one direction and JB are much more attractive then you ;)

  • Actually, I'm not into Justin Bieber or One Direction. Heck, my fave singer is Taylor Swift and I'm not all fangirly on her.

  • i see you didnt keep people who like metal and new wave in mind when making this quiz...


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