You will take this and pee

With this test i will make you pee so do the quiz i'm done typing now DANG I have to do 150 letters i'll just type nonsense k hihg dibal fuggsd diabet

Do you have the brower to qualify for that prestle? Until now you could only wonder. Buthanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you wlol xD LOL

Created by: DA NEIGHBOR

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  1. Ok starting off how much do you have to pee?
  2. Okay go drink 2 glasses of water how do you feel now?
  3. Go watch 10 minutes of waterfall sounds. What happened?
  4. Look at a picture of lemonade for 5 minutes. What happened?
  5. Put a yellow crayon next to "you". How do you feel?
  6. So imagine you're in a pool and nobody else is in there with you. You really have to pee but you don't know where the bathroom is and you don't think you can hold it in long enough to find it. What do you do?
  7. Ok we are nearing the end. How much do you have to pee now?
  8. Watch at least 2 videos of people peeing themselves. How bout now?
  9. Think of something that scares you then imagine it's RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
  10. Last question is not a question because I'm done so pick one thing

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