You will pee your pants right now

This quiz is for anyone who has to pee or would like to pee. This quiz will truly put your bladder to the test! Do you have a steel bladder or a bladder the size of a but let’s put it to the test

Don’t feel ashamed if you peed your pants just make sure you change. Make sure you clean up after yourself and you might want a couple of towels cause things are probably going to get messy.

Created by: Ibra123

  1. Drink 4 glasses of water and wait 15 minutes
  2. Time for a story! (BTW this is a true story) Drink two cups while doing this. I was at my friends concert. It was a holiday concert and i loved it very much! But then, i needed to pee. i ignored it and kept watching. then the urge got stronger. i put my foot under my crotch and began to figet. In the middle i was desprate. i asked where the bathroom was and the people said they didnt know. So i went back in. i waited, still holding myself tears in my eyes. i started to think about me peeing because the pain was unberable. Near the end when they sang " hallelujah" i stood for a little than sat down because the pee was almost about to leak out. Finnaly i went to the bathroom and peed. How do you feel?
  3. Push on your bladder for 10 seconds. What happened?
  4. Alright now for the rest of the quiz take off your clothes. I mean ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES *go in a private room*
  5. Push your bladder and close your eyes. Think of pee and water. Go on youtube and play water sounds. now *still pushing your bladder* lean foward 10 times. when u lean forward, hold your lean for two seconds. then back. How are you doing?
  6. Now put on your undies only. Take a cup and fill it with cold water. how do you feel? *btw you need to keep this cup do use later*
  7. Now for some fun (for me anyways) take your cup that you had and fill it with hot water. place it inside your undies and over you bladder. NO HOLDING YOURSELF FOR 60 seconds! (make sure its not a cup that people drink out of) Did you pee?
  8. Sit on the toilet for 5 minutes fully clothed every 30 seconds push for 5 seconds
  9. Drink 5 glass of water
  10. Do 50 jumping jacks 20 sit ups and 10 burpees
  11. Push on your bladder for a minute
  12. Drink a glass of water and wait for 10 second
  13. Sit on the toilet clothed and push as hard as you can for 45 second
  14. Drink 3 more glasses of water
  15. Push on your bladder
  16. If you survived this long congratulations you did it! But now you have to pee in one of these locations :) If you chose I can hold it you have to redo the quiz until you have fully peed your pants

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Quiz topic: You will pee my pants right now