You'll pee your self

After this you pee Lolo muaaaaaaaaa are you ready????? This quiz is hard !! If you want to pee make that quiz Lolo muaaaaaaaaa good luck with the test

Take this with your friends !! Who will peed like a kid lol after if you are a kid and you peed say them to your parents LOLOL I'm not sure if you will pee

Created by: Ely

  1. Press on your bladder
  2. Drink a glass of water and attend 15 minutes
  3. Relax with distanced legs
  4. Sit on your bed. Try to pee but don't pee.
  5. Now sit on toilet with pants and relax
  6. Drink 2 glasses of water and ear water falls for 15 minutes
  7. Jump 20 times
  8. Ask to your friend a fun thing that can make you laugh
  9. Put on your bladder a cold think
  10. Try to pee but don't pee standing up and laugh
  11. Are you wet??

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Quiz topic: You'll pee my self