Would you survive my mind?

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This is a knock off for one Hephy did. And Hephy said she ripped it off of someone else... I suppose it could turn out to be a never ending cycle. Anyway...

Part 1 of what I hope will have many parts. :3 Would you survive in my mind? I seriously doubt it. But let's find out! But seriously, don't die.

Created by: The Coldest Sun of Cold Sun
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  1. You're running away from something... it appears to be a huge black lion, flowing with some sort of odd grayish energy. Just before it's teeth clamp down over your throat, you awaken. Sitting up, you find yourself in the middle of a forest you've never seen before. It glows wonderfully in the moonlight, and it seems quiet. You:
  2. Regardless of what you decided to do, this course of action is interuppted by the sound of low laughter emanating from a nearby bush. You turn to see who's there, and find a pair of predator-like golden eyes staring out at you. A white haired boy leans out of the bushes toward you, smiling. "Hey, softfoot. You're in our territory. Care to tell me why?"
  3. He glares at you, and comes out of the bushes. "Well, that's not very helpful for either of us." he snaps, and out in the open, he's much younger than he originally appeared. "But she won't be pleased if I don't do anything about you being here, so.." he holds out his hand toward you, and you see that he has razor-sharp claws. Glancing again at his impish grin, you find fangs. "Why don't you let me escort you to safety?"
  4. Pausing in whatever has happened, he turns toward the center of the forest, seeming to be listening to something. "Hm." is all he says, and vanishes without a word. As the darkness quickly becomes more frightening than calming, you begin to wish you hadn't been so slow to give him your hand. (or if you gave it to him, that he hadn't let it go. T.T) A strange beast with giant claws appears out of nowhere, lunging directly at you. You:
  5. The monster has moved closer now, a few feet away. You turn to run, but stumble over a tree root. A strange moan follows as you fall to the ground, landing heavily on the root. The monster jumps right over you, having already been prepared to jump at you and take your head off. It turns to glare at you before it begins charging again. Terrified, you hardly notice when the tree root stumbles to it's feet, pops it's neck, and curses under it's breath about being woken up. You do, however, notice the shine of blue eyes.
  6. The face, which you can now clearly identify as human- or at least close to human- smiles at you, revealing more fangs. Oh joy. He steps in front of you, right in the path of the monster, murmurs a few words under his breath. Just as the monster reaches a few feet from where he stands, his hands shoot out, and a large burst of fire cascades from his palms, incinerating the monster. When it's over, all that remains is a roasted skeleton. He turns to you, smiling again. "Excuse me. I apologize for interfering, but I'm looking for someone. A certain dragon demon by the name of Malice."
  7. He forgets his question for a moment, having just realized that you aren't really supposed to be here. "Hey, I don't know you." he points out, stating the obvious. Before you can respond, the white haired boy bursts back into the clearing, looking around wildly before his eyes settle on the root guy. "Hymn." he greets him simply, and walks up to the two of you. "Malice. I was just looking for you. You've not eaten anyone, have you?" Malice shakes his head. "No. I was looking for you. I thought you called." He turns to look at you again. "They tell you who they are yet?" They both look expectantly at you.
  8. Regardless of how it had to be done... they got you to talk. The smaller one, Malice, feigns sympathy, embraces you, and uses this closeness to hit a point on your neck. Without warning, the darkness surrounds you again.
  9. You wake up to see several children's faces staring down at you. And among them, the face of an older girl, seemingly in her teens. She smiles at you as your eyes open. "Welcome back to life. I was worried you were dead. I really should start listening to Malice more.." she said, not seeming to be talking to anyone in particular. You sit up as she walks away, and the crowd of children follow her. She brings back a slice of cake on a plate, hands it to you, and smiles a heart-shattering smile. "I'm glad you're not injured." she says, sitting down with her own piece of cake.
  10. She is unaffected by your choice. Getting up to get some tea, she comes back, sits down, glances over at you, and takes a huge bite of her cake. "Mmmm. Chocolate." she murmurs around her mouthful, covering her lips with the back of her hand. She swallows, glances over at the children. They seem to be playing with a tiny cat. You notice, with a groan, that the lady as well as all of the children also have claws and fangs. One of the children drags the cat over to you, holding it up. "Wanna pet Jeera?" he says, flashing you a brilliant smile with gleaming fangs.
  11. The cat jumps out of his hands very suddenly, and in the confusion of trying to get her off of you, you don't notice when the girl, having finished her cup of tea, rises. She smiles at someone in the doorway, who you can't see or hear for the cat shrieking and maskign your face. The girl says something, gets her response, smiles, and nods. Suddenly, Malice is there again. The cat stops, and jumps away in time for him to knock you out again. Just before it all goes black, you hear the girl say, "Just make sure she doesn't die on the way there."
  12. You wake up once again... home. As you get up, your head throbbing, you notice a note on the nightstand. "Well that was fun."

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