Would you "survive" elamentary school

What is your reputation ? Is it good bad in between I SO hated the rules on how to make this quiz and I hope you enjoy also I am gunna write a bunch of random stuff so this is 150 letters long cjrjdgjsgjjgjxvdjfjscjvjdjcvjdkvkdkdddddddddddddddddddf,vesicles,ckfksckvdkfkffkf---vkckskkgdkkfksldzskeozroeodifkdkf---dkfkdkfkdkcfksov

Do you survive the life or death situation that is elementatey school ? Fidkbrktkff---cfkgkdckvkfkeckfkgktkdkvfjdldf---ckdkfkfkekfifeitteeeedckvidxlv,ffkfkdlfdlddddffgtscfjvdksigidkvekfkrkrkfkfkfkffkscofldlddldldlflflfdosc,fleigkdkrktsidfofktkf---fktkfkdkfkfckdkf

Created by: Ava

  1. what is your personality ?
  2. How many friends do you have
  3. Are you a push over no offense
  4. What are your average grades be honest I don't judge
  5. Rp time you see a kid getting bullied what do you do ?
  6. What is your gender does not effect answer
  7. Introvert or extrovert
  8. How do you behave in class?
  9. Girly
  10. Boyish
  11. Transgender

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