Would You Rather......

WARNING - this quiz may contain a whole lot of awesomeness so I suggest if you cannot handle a lot off awesomeness the go and watch A LOT OF SPONGEBOB!!!

Do you love to play would you rather or would you to?? Well here ya go!!!but seriously I really do hope that you all enjoy my quiz !! Thank you everyone ;-)

Created by: MB1404

  1. Would you rather be a monkey queen/king or a elephant queen/king??
  2. Would you rather live in the desert for a month or the north pole??
  3. PICKLES !!! Wait I do not even like pickles:(
  4. Okay so I finally got the pickle fans away from me so back to the questions!!!!
  5. Would you rather lose your favourite phone or your laptop??
  6. Would you rather eat a car or a motorcycle??
  7. Would you rather never see your dad again or your mom?
  8. Would you rather be a koala or a polar bear??
  9. Would you rather become nicki minaj or lady gaga??
  10. Would you rather eat the world's biggest pie or the world's biggest cellular phone??

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