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  • I did this quiz cause I was really bored and I'm literally the most nauseous I've ever been, i puked after the jogging and now I'm hugging the porcelain throne cause i cant stop puking, guess I won't have to go to school tomorrow cause my stomach it contracting so bad and I've got a horrible head ache :)

    Im puking
  • I was too lazy to do any of that. I just thought you were going to talk about a bunch of gross stuff (which I could totally handle) This quiz was kind of dumb. Nobody likes puking!

  • I vomited like 8 times and it's been 3 hours and my stomach is still contracting really badly and I have to keep gagging myself to make it better but it only works for a few minutes and it hurts so badly and I'm so f---ing nauseous. I ate so much, why did I do that??

    Bxjdisjsbim sick
  • Haha, funny, but of course I really didn't do any of this.

    Cassy D
  • I did it for fun and now i am nauseous :(

  • This quiz is plain DISGUSTING!!!!!! you are SICK!!

  • This quiz was so awful. I didnt puke


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