would u be a good sombrero

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this is a test 4 all of u wondering if u wood be a good somommbereono. lotz of ppl r curious about their hat identity, iz ok. dont b ashamed for being cuuroos.

r u a s ommmarbero? idk!!!! lets ifnd out w this cool, hip, hip, hipcool, cool, hip, quis cool. email me ur restluults! thx much. i lovre somberbeoros.

Created by: amazon of [no urls]
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  1. r u already a somberbro
  2. do u eat tacos con queso
  3. do u sit on ur frirneds heads
  4. do u have a long lucsious mustash
  5. r u round n colorgful like sa somshebreor
  6. what do u ask on a frirst dat e
  7. whats ue fav type of bread
  8. how many friengesa hang from ur brero?
  9. wat makes u cry
  10. r u hopig to be a sombreroo??

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