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  • Amphitrite. Cool. Hey, based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, would it be possible to be a demigod of all of the Greek gods and goddesses? Yeah, it's such a random and stupid question, but look in my username... wtv, nice quiz, but include more answers like Hestia and Artemis and Aphrodite... eh. Aphrodite sucks.

  • your husband is poseidon, you love swimming, your buetiful, you can countroll the sea fresh water and any thing in it, whats not to like abought you your amazing theres nothing wrong with you so theres no resen to change your hinise.

    yay i love myself lol im beutifull -dances around and sings- ooh and im a good singer and i love the sea so basicly im the most prettyness that mean u got to call me uyr prettyness DO IT OR DROWNIN THE SEA

  • amphitrite,so relatable I do love the water and the ocean life and I also really like to go swimming alot of the time to. Posideon is also my favorite god so Id like to be with him. Cool quiz mate.

  • No Mythologyfreak Athena, Hestia, and Arthemis are virgin goddesses but then again Hera made Hephasteus by herself so i guess it could be possible

  • this is a great quiz.sent by mersediez leilani szabo

  • yes im poeisideons wife


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