witch anami chator are you

have you ever wonderd withc animy person you wher now you can find out with this ausom quiz.yyou may end up as your favriot anima person or your least favriot persion. you could end up as my favirot or my lest faviort only time will tell.

this quiz wil help you hind out with manga person you are so take it now. it will be fun. you will realy like it. ples. ples. prity plese with shuger on top. it was a school project if you dont take it i will fail.

Created by: spam@pi-girl.co.uk

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have a famley
  2. do you have a sub family such as a father figur or friends
  3. can you fight pritty well
  4. do you have a wepion
  5. wave you ever seen some one die
  6. have you ever killed some one
  7. are you tall
  8. did you like the quiz
  9. are you bord
  10. are you happy the quiz is over

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Quiz topic: Witch anami chator am I