win a red LED 5000 horsepower Lambo

This test gives you a 577778 dollar lambogini with LED lights if you get questions correct I think you suck so pls get this lambojini so he can be a gangsta and eat beak.

#don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel *AThenTA* and make sure you like and bla bla bal nla bla bla bla comment bla bla bla bla nap bla bal bla (win 19204738$).

Created by: AThenTA

  1. Do you like lambos?
  2. Do you think this quiz is fake and you'll get a virus instead of a lambo?
  3. Do you kill me if me eat burger and no lambo to u will give anenybody cause it worth 1.23 million dollars.
  4. Do you hate quizea
  5. ... finish quiz
  6. Likw AThenTA
  7. HYou need death
  8. //...
  9. .,sa
  10. Am I wating your time?

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