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  • Will you gain weight?
    Your Result: Yes. 88%

    Judging by your diet, choices, and other options, you will more than likely gain weight. If you don't want to, it's recommended that you don't follow the very things you chose, and instead, try other options. If you do want to, then keep doing what you're doing, and maybe something extra on the side too.


  • @999 lucky I hope to gain some weight myself some day :/

  • Really good quiz!! I got "YES!!!" I hope I do.

    • I got no!82% I'm upset with my results because I'm much more skinner then others and have actually been hoping to gain some weight! Hopefully I'll be able to in the future though if I just do the things so I can c:

    • I got 84% that I will gain. The key is to snack most of the time. Always have a snack in your room, have snacks when you usually don't have. From the beginning of quarantine I have went from 5'5 101 to 133 to 119 to 148(my heaviest).... and my current weight is 143. For two years in a raw I was weighting 100-105 but I gain a lot lately. This happened mostly because I love snacking and during the lock down you are less mobile and you have have more time to snack. However if you want to gain much more you should eat a little more every time during the meals. In both of the ways if you want to get fat very fast I have heard that eating a huge calorfull meal before going to bed is the must.

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