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  • 49%. Wat d hell is wrong with you how can i get dis i thought it was an accurate quiz and how can u b so rude by saying it's our fault pls advice: (don't ever take dis quiz except u wan't ur self esteem 2 b draged 2 level 0 if ur trying 2 build ur self esteem)pls if u have a hot temper never ever make a quiz any way ur not meant 2 kiss on ur first date it's only after u've really know d person but if 2 of u r desperate and u both feel it's d right tym give it a shot how can you say dat bye

    Chi flex
  • ill think its a good quiz when unicorns exist.

  • I got a 75% Thug Life ;)

  • Cheers, sugarnspice

  • what the hell i got 48% and this quiz is accurate...when the creator says its not

  • it was a good quiz, but im not quite sur if the q's wer very acurate. like, u shuld ask things bout his/her bf/gf.


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