Will I make you pee?!

Hello, im the maker of this quiz. I hope you're ready, cause I am. Do you wanna see if you can hold you're pee? If you do, lets find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 19 total questions (12 are challenges), and one will add an extra challenge that I will not tell you about until you get to that question! They may be hard for, or they may not. I made this mostly when I had to pee.

Created by: idk some person

  1. OK, first off, how bad you gotta go?
  2. If you didn't have to go at all or you kinda did, drink 5 cups of some drink and wait 20 minutes (size doesnt matter). If you could go if you sat on a toilet, drink 3 and wait 15 minutea. If you really had to go, drink 2 and wait 5 minutes. If you already went, drink 4 and wait 20 minutes.
  3. Now press on your bladder for 20 seconds. Results?
  4. We're adding a new rule here: every time you more than a leak, drink one more cup of water, and if you lose it all, you have to redo the quiz
  5. Spread your legs and relax for 30 seconds
  6. Listen to water sounds while putting your hand in a cup of warm water for 1 minute
  7. Stop holding it for 10 seconds
  8. Drink one cup of water
  9. Poke your bladder hard repeatedly, kinda like your doing a drumroll, for 40 seconds, then press down on it for 5 more seconds
  10. Do 5 short pushes
  11. Take 2 drinks and either relax your bladder or push while you drink (if you're doing the challenge from #4, if you go on this one, you dont have to drink another cup)
  12. Now go to the bathroom, take off all your pants, and begin releasing your pee, BUT try stop the flow before it starts. If you cant pee, stop trying after 1 minute
  13. Keep your pants off, and pour cold water on your area
  14. One final challenge, and this will be the ultimate challenge! Spread your legs and press your bladder for 3 minutes! If you're doing the challenge from #4 and you completely empty your bladder, you only have to do 6-12
  15. Youre done! Did you pee?
  16. Did you do the challenge from #4?
  17. Will you comment?
  18. Would you take this quiz again!
  19. OK, bye!

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