Will he/she as me out in future?

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Have you always had a crush and wondered if THEY actually secretly liked you? Well, do this quiz, and by the end, you should know if they like you too!

All you have to do is answer 12 easy questions and your result will be given at the end (The age and school questions information will not and cannot-be given out to anyone).

Created by: Hedgygirl of [no urls]
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he/she ever look at you?
  2. Are you just doing this quiz to see if they like you, or do you like them back too?
  3. What type of guy are they? (if you're doing this about a girl, skip to the next question)
  4. What kind of girl are they? (if you're doing this about a guy, skip to the next question)
  5. What kind of person are you compared to them?
  6. What school are you in?
  7. Do you know about all (or any) of the school boy/girl drama?
  8. Do you know his/her friends very well?
  9. At school discos (parties really), do his friends and your friends always try to get you two together?
  10. Was this quiz ok? (remember - not all answers will be accurate as we cannot see into the future. Who knows, this quiz could be completely wrong!)

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