Who will pee first?

Do you have to pee? If not, why do you have to click here to brag? My bladder is screaming for a bathroom pass that I refuse to give until this quiz is over.

If yours is feeling similar to mine, let's see who can walk the path longer. However you feel, take my hand, and travel down the road of my quiz with me. May the best bladder win.

Created by: Anonymous

  1. Greetings! Is your bladder doing fine? Mine sure isn't, so I decided to make this quiz to see who would pee the most, you or me.
  2. Okay. Now we must find out what situation we're both in. My abdomen is bulging, meaning my bladder is pretty full. How about you?
  3. Alright. Now, how long has it been sense you last went? For me it's been over 12 hours.
  4. Okay. Now here's how it works. I will write questions and stories, and we will read and do the activities together. So the cruelty will be shared.
  5. First activity: Press on your bladder. We're starting out simple. For me it was painful.
  6. Good job! Next one: Take a warm water bottle or something else very warm and place it in your bladder for 10 seconds. I dribbled a little on this one.
  7. Okay, now for a story. I'm very strong in these areas, but you guys may not be like me. You might be strong with activities and weak with stories. Anyways here we go: You wake up in the morning feeling an urge to pee. You look at the clock and realize that you slept in way too much and you ignore it and get ready for school/work. While you're on the bus (yes, even if you're going to work you take the bus), you feel the urge get stronger. Suddenly the bus goes over a large bump and a little pee trickles out. You cross your legs tightly and try to ignore the urge. Halfway through the day, you refill the water bottle that you drank and head to lunch. Just as your friends meet you at the table, you feel the urge again, and it's much worse than the morning. You cross your legs tightly and try to ignore it. You decide to wait until after lunch, and by then you forgot you had to pee. After the day is over, you get back on the bus for home. Just as it leaves, you feel the urge rush back so suddenly that you let some slip out. You quickly stop yourself, but it was enough to make a pinpoint wet spot. You cross your legs, hoping nobody would notice. After ten long minutes of bumpy roads and 3 close calls, your stop comes into view. 10 seconds seems to stretch into an hour for you and your overfilled bladder. When you get to your house, you reach into your pocket for your keys, but you can't find them. You jam one hand into your crotch and tightly cross your legs, not caring anymore if anyone saw you. When you finally do find your keys, you jam the right one into the hole and unlock the door. You're about to open the door when your bladder gives in. You yank your hand away from your crotch as the flow of urine soaks your underwear and pants. The warm liquid drips down your leg as the unstoppable flow continues its journey out of your bladder. After 2 long minutes, you leave the puddle on the ground and walk inside
  8. Another activity: Stand with your legs spread wide apart and push on your bladder. Do your best not to pee. I leaked a bit. It's beginning to hurt to hold it in.
  9. Another story because why not? You're sitting on the bus when a very hot friend of yours of the opposite gender sits next to you. He/she turns to you and says hello. You blush and say hi back. Suddenly he/she scoots closer to you. That's when you feel the urge to pee. The person smiles with very white teeth and asks you what you're doing that night. You answer "Nothing. Why?" And they just smile bigger and shrug. You're tempted to ask them to have dinner with you or something but your urge seems to be strengthening by the second. You squeeze your knees together, hoping he/she doesn't notice. Then they turn to you and ask what kind of restaurants you like best in town. You get really nervous, suspecting that they are attempting to ask you out on a date, and you're about to answer when you spurt a little pee. It feels fantastic, and you stop yourself just in time to avoid a wet spot. The person is looking at you, waiting for an answer, so you tell them your favorite restaurant. They smile big and say that that's their favorite restaurant too, and that you should have dinner together some time. You glance back at the portable toilet on the bus, but you don't say anything. Just then the bus arrives at your stop. Relieved, you jump out of the seat and try your best to walk calmly down the aisle, even though your bladder started to hurt, and it was hard to walk properly. Once you're off the bus, you begin walking down the road to your house. You pass a restaurant, and suddenly you turn and walk in straight to the bathrooms. When you get there, there's a sign on the door that says 'Out of order'. You begin to panic, and you run out of the restaurant and down the road. Your bladder begins to throb in pain, letting a small squirt out with each throb. When you do get home, you dash to the bathroom. After taking your pants off, you get on the toilet and relax... but nothing happens. Your overfilled bladder is more painful than ever, and is creating a huge bulge in your abdomen. You try to take deep breaths and calm yourself down and relax, but nothing comes. With each passing second, it seems your bladder fills more and more. After sitting for five minutes or more, you try to pull your pants up over the huge lump in your abdomen, just barely able to do so without squeezing your poor bladder to death. You decide that walking around might help, so you limp awkwardly around the house for a painful minute. Suddenly you feel something beginning to come, so you rush to the bathroom. When you enter the bathroom, you yank off your pants as fast as you can, but your bladder gives in and a very, very slow trickle comes right in your underwear. You decide the trickle is better than nothing, and close your eyes and allow your abdomen to sink in. For six whole minutes, you urinate, not caring about the puddle that's forming around you.
  10. Activity time: Lay on your stomach and keep your legs spread apart. Then push your bladder against the floor and stay like that for ten seconds. I barely held on, resisting the urge with every ounce of strength that I had left.
  11. Okay this is me from the future. Just wanted to say this was going to be longer, but... you'll see. Next activity: Stand with your legs spread and did thirty seconds, don't make any preventive movements to stop yourself from urinating. Oh no... I...... should probably tell you in story mode what happened for me. I finished typing the question and stood up shakily, trying to ignore the growing urge and pain. About 8 seconds through, I felt it coming. I knew I couldn't do anything about it, so I just stood there. At about 9 seconds a few droplets came, then at 10 seconds... the dam broke, allowing everything to flow into my underwear. The immense relief that followed seemed to be worth the soaked pants and floor, though.

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