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  • Who is your Anime GF? (Guys)
    Your Result: Milla Maxwell 91%

    Mills Maxwell is a Noble and kind worrior who fights to protect her kingdom and keep the ones she loves close and safe. You both enjoy combat and going on adventures together, and even as a Demon ruler of the underworld Mills will lay her life on the line to ensure your safety....."Until the next time, My love...."

    33% Yui Komori
    10% Nanami Haruka
    4% Kotomi Ichinose

  • : Nanami Haruka 77%

    Nanami Haruka is a warm hearted, Generis girl who puts others peoples needs before her own. She walks around happy to help others. You both love music, singing and helping others. She might no always be able to defend herself but you don't care as long as you are with her it is alright with you. She truely loves you and as do you......."Thank you for being by my side, I love you....."

    I had to take the quiz.

  • Kotomi Ichinose

    Kotomi Ichinose is a shy and very kind girl. Her parents were College professors long before the died. She was once alone but now you are there. You both love to read, write and play violin. You mack her life better and you take her mind away from the once dark tunnel shebused to call home....."Dont forget me.....Ok?"


  • Nanami Haruka is who I got. Good quiz.

  • I got Nanami btw

    Jinguji Ren
  • I got yui. Am I the only one?


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