Who Are You To Nerissa?

You a noob to quizzes by me,mkbomg?This one is a great start.It is talking about who you are to Nerissa,a witch character.Try it out!Find it out!!!!!!!!

If I spelled something wrong sorry!!plz take more of my quizzes if you liked this one.No result is typically bad so don't worry!!!!!This quiz is all good!!!

Created by: mkbomg

  1. do you know who she is?
  2. is Nerissa a girl?
  3. hey
  4. second-arc witch character
  5. good or bad?
  6. would you like to see her?
  7. hah last one did not effect your results
  8. neither did that one
  9. lol
  10. last question

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Quiz topic: Who am I To Nerissa?