Which one of these girls would love you? (Yandere ver.)

This is the Yandere version of Which one of these girls would love you? Again, no hate and leave nicely if you don't like your results and if you think this sucks.

What kind of Yandere will you get? (Please take the other quiz, the one I made before this.) Who's your yandere? Your last results or a new one? Find out with this quiz! (Sorry if this paragraph really sucks)

Created by: Crimson Red

  1. Hello, so on the previous quiz, who did you got?
  2. Your sister/cousin/friend wanted to introuduce you to her friends at the mall. You have no choice but to agree cause she's so important to you..at the mall you saw her with three girls and she introduce you to them..who got your interest?
  3. The hours seems to fly, those girls are fun to be with..how do you act while you are with them?
  4. In the middle of the walk with your new friends (or not) and your sister/cousin/friend. You suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom but yoi don't know where it is, you don't want to ask you sister/cousin/friend cause you want to make friends with atleast one of them. Who are you going to ask?
  5. How are you gonna ask?
  6. The one you choose, smiles and led you the way. Leaving the other girls waiting at a restaurant..She waited for you outside..after you finished your business, you went outside only to trip on something and you fell over the poor girl..and what happened? You accidentaly kissed her. What is her reaction?
  7. A few months has passed and you fell inlove with the said girl. You know the both of you have feelings for each other, so you asked her to be your girl. How will she respond?
  8. Lets say you are now together with the said girl, now how will you act around her?
  9. Who do you wanna be with? (Remember that they are now a yandere)
  10. Goodbye!

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