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  • Your Result: Katie

    If You are Katie, you are pretty athletic although a bit on the quiet side. However,if somebody says something about someone that you don't appreciate, you will let them know. You are very loyal to your friends, and very honest. You can be a bit abrasive at times, but usually you are just a really funny and caring person once people get to know you. You listen to quite a bit of mainstream stuff.

    wow this describes me almost perfect! idk what mainsteam means though. and my name is emilie. awesome quiz =]

    Puppy xo1
  • Melanie
    The last part was true

    I'm artsy and creative :) i hate labels. labels only look good on cereal boxes :P

    Wooden Bridge
  • Melanie seems cool but I'm nothing like her =\

  • i got melanie. i like british stuff because i am english and live in england. that was a really accurate description.

  • thats like soooo weird cause i got Hannah and my name is Hannah

  • melanie sounds like me except i stink at music amd i have no clue wut the big boosh is


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