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  • I got kinda! That's weird because he's like.. dating you and stuff..

    A lovable guy who is super caring when it comes to his friends! And trust me he's a lot more interesting then when he meets the eye! Speeding of that have you noticed his face? His eyes are different from the rest of the guys and he has these red fang marks on his cheek this is because he is part of a clan that are sorta the relatives of wolves/dogs! His eyes ( like hi family) are beast like because of this and it makes him super cute! He also has a pet dog named akumaru! Akumaru is not an plain old,ordinary, white, dog! This dog has a special power to sense where shakura is, and/or how strong it is! Mind blown!! Any way you got kiba and you should be happy! :-)

  • First of you knew this was coming didn't you
    Where the hell was Sasori
    Which naruto boy would like you?
    Your Result: Shikamaru 76%

    A sorta nice, but a little sarcastic! He has that involves shadows and it takes control of the opponent!so might wanna be careful but hay he's all yours! Shikamaru also has an intelligence level higher then almost any shanobi!

    34% Sasuke
    31% Naruto
    16% Shino
    15% Choji

    0% kiba ok I'm completely ( meh ) fine with shika

    Puppet master12
  • Oh that makes sense

    Puppet master12
  • Puppet I said naruto not naruto shippilden

    Marceline 101

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