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  • Your Result: KYLE 89%

    You got Kyle! I don't have my sch too say, other then Kyle has a cool posture. I admire his posture, is that weird? I don't know. Thanks for taking my quiz!

    65% ALEX
    36% JOHNNIE
    34% JORDAN
    33% BRYAN
    29% SHANNON
    3% JEYDON

  • What the heck?! I answered with the 'Is this a question? LOUD!' and then at the end it said that you are quiet. Huh?

  • By the by this is my new account cx

    Susan Kattre
  • Isn't it funny that this is the first quiz about MDE I ever saw on this site?

  • Hi, thank you for taking my quiz, I'm happy it's your first MDE quiz!

    Susan Kattre

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