Which Music Genre Are You?

Here Is A Quiz To See What Music Genre You Would Be In!! (This Is NOT A Paragraph LoL!) [Ignore Next Part!] jgkjbkhvjhjvhivgvjgvjvhibobkhkbicgvhbunihm


Created by: CurlyDaFrenchFri

  1. What Do Like Wearing/Casual Everyday Outfit?
  2. Why Do You Like Listening To Music?
  3. This Is My First Quiz Soo.. Sorry If It's VERY Short LoL..>~
  4. Ignore Next Part!!
  5. Nfgnfbtnythhthhry
  6. Hvhjchtc
  7. Chvjgchgfhtddtu
  8. Ctjgucutyictu
  9. Cyjcgjhtfgucycugchg
  10. This Is My First Quiz! How'd You Like It? [HONEST ANSWER_WON'T EFFECT]

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Quiz topic: Which Music Genre am I?