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  • Percy

    Percys dad is Poesidon the god of the sea so he loves the water. He is very protective of his friends and his mother. He is an amazing fighter and is very brave. He is also one of the most powerful halfbloods at camp!

    Im a girl!!!!!!!!

  • "My Result: Annabeth by 79%

    Annabeth is really smart because her mom is Athena goddess of wisdom. She has a magic Yankees cap that makes her invisible and she has a secret crush on Percy.

    Thalia by 50%
    Percy by 45%
    Grover by 31%
    Nico di Angelo by 24%
    Clarisse by 15% "

    To whoever made this quiz: Thalia and Nico di Angelo were not in the first book. So Please get your facts straight. But thanks for the fun quiz!! :)

    I can't tell if I am Athena's or Poseidon's daughter, if I even am a demigod... but strange things have been happening during the summer break after I turned 15... IF I was a demigod, and I hear whispering like all the time but can't make out the words, and I don't see anyone around me, do you think I'm hearing monsters or something? Also, is it weird if I started seeing more bugs than usual in my apartment, and I would always see them coming towards me before I kill them? I always feel like I'm being watched... and I went outside, today, for a moment just to get some fresh air and this boy walked by me and he was staring at me with big cold brownish-black eyes... It was so creepy, it was like he was staring into my soul trying to kill me from the inside-out or something, what a creep... I'm serious, I think both of his eyeballs were almost pure black... Scary... :/

    I swear, I have the worst luck... :/

    Elaine Evans

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