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  • Your Result: Clove 84%

    You're Clove. You're quite arrogant and very sarcastic. You have a lovely sense of humor. You're very tough and want to win it. In spite of how heartless other tributes may see you, you actually have at least one person you care about who greatly cares about you. Cato. While Katniss and Peeta was off pretending to be star crossed lovers- Cato and Clove at least cared about each other- if not loved each other. You're one of the greatest tributes of all, honestly.

    OH YES! I'M SARCASTIC! AND I GET CATO! AND I'M ONE OF THE GREATEST TRIBUTES EVER! And, well, yeah. I don't really have a heart, so yeah.... :/

  • Your Result: Johanna Mason

    You're Johanna. You're sarcastic and rebellious with a f--- you! attitude. You don't care what anybody has to say about you. You are absolutely shameless and are also extremely smart. You're manipulative and deceiving when it works to your advantage. You don't take crap from anyone and have lost everything you've ever cared about- which is why you no longer care about anyone or anything. You share your opinions with whoever listens and have no filter for any snarky b!tchy sort of comments. You're sarcastic, a rebel, and altogether one of he greatest characters in the Hunger Games Series.

    Yep, that's me XD. Great quiz.

  • Your Result: Foxface

    You're Foxface. You're wicked smart and very quiet. You wouldn't kill anybody, but instead steal things from tributes. You're extremely clever and are probably very studious as well. You make it pretty far in the games.

    Definitel y me.

    Luna Siren
  • You're Wiress, or Nuts as I like to call her (who called her that first? Johanna?) Anyways, you're pretty shy, but you're actually really intelligent. You're both smart and intuitive. Congrats, you're a freaking genius.

    OMG, that's me!!! Wow, great quiz!

  • I got tied 80% with Annie and Johanna Mason. The thing is I love both and my favorite guy is Finnick.

  • Uh. Glimmer. Who's Glimmer?

  • Foxface

  • Katniss: not very good with people. nuff said


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