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  • Your Result: Kyo

    You are most like Kyo, the cat, from Fruits Basket. You may seem mean and angry all the time, but deep down, you just need people and friends who love you and accept you for who you really are. You get along with some people while there are others who really annoy you. For those you like, however, you are very kind and caring. You do have a rebellious side to you, which makes you a unique individual.

    Th at's so true. I'm often misunderstood by people, I do get mad alot and it's hard for me to hold back my temper. BUT ONLY BECAUSE THE WHOLE FRICKIN WORLD LOVES TO GET ON MY NERVES!!! Mmmmm...sorry, anyways. Rebellious, me? Definately. I have a totally secret life away from my family, in fact, they don't even know I watch Fruits Basket. I secretly watch it every night online. >3)

  • You are most like the year of the cow, Haru, from Fruits Basket. You are a born rocker bad a** with a mysterious, confusing side as well. You can be nice to some people, but when you get mad, you fly off the handle and go on a rampage. Despite your anger management issues, you're a nice person with a unique, rebellious personality.

    I wouldn't say I go on a rampage... * wink wink *

  • I got:
    Which Fruits Basket character are you?
    Your Result: Tohru 91%

    You are most like the main character, Tohru, from Fruits Basket. You're sweet, you get along with everyone, and all you really want is for everyone to be happy, because seeing others smile is what makes you the most happy. You're a nice, caring, considerate person.

    86% Momiji
    74% Yuki
    74% Shigure
    65% Ayame
    33% Hatsuharu
    33% Kyo

  • Which Fruits Basket character are you?
    Your Result: Yuki

    You are most like Yuki, the year of the rat, from Fruits Basket. You are the sweetest person, however you sometimes can be a little shy around people. Once you get to know people, you can really open up to them. As nice as you are, you do have a sneaky, mysterious side that no one can figure out.


    SO TRUE!People have a hard time figuring me out,and I dont open up to people untill they have proven themselves as a true friend.Mabey it`s wrong, I mean, I havnt read the books, but it sounds pretty acurate! Great quiz!

  • Which Fruits Basket character are you?
    Your Result: Momiji 77%

    You are the sweet little bunny, Momiji, from Fruits Basket. Everyone think's you're the most adorable thing. You're so cute and happy all the time. Everyone thinks you're a sweety pie, although sometimes you can be a bit of a baby.

    So true lol I can be really sweet but I am a bit emotional

    Bakdeku child
  • Oh, btw Nallie person...Hasuharu, or most of the time called Haru, is a very annoying. He keeps picking fights with Kyo and getting me irritated just by watching him. But I can stand his "white" side. "Black" however...Grrrrr.

  • Hatsuharu...this is the second quiz that's said that! Don't yell at me or anything, but I've only watched like the first three episodes so I have NO idea who this guy is. I think it's a guy...I 'm going to go watch some more and maybe I'll read the manga too...

  • Hatsuharu
    and then Kyo in second

  • Yay Haru!! Moo powers activate>_

  • Funny how I was born in the year of the dog, yet I got Haru.Then maybe that's a good thing (Shigure's such a perv :p)

  • Hatsuharu. Yuki then Kyo... i'm actually surprised i wasnt kyo but hatsu is more fitting.

  • Tohru all the way!!!
    "I like all of you so much!!"

  • I got Kyo... I wanted Kisa! but I guess I could be Kyo, I mean I have a short temper.

  • I'm happy I got Tohru

    Killua yukina2
  • I like this alot

  • Haru. I knew it. Year of the Moooo. xD

  • I wanted to be shii-san but aya-kun is ok, too.Ayame::3 Shigure:TT^TT Me:-_- just shut up you two


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